Second revision of Resume, please critique & be honest, working towards a career change

March 8, 2019 Off By HomenGardenRS

Good afternoon,

Below is my second revision for a resume, and the feedback received the first time was great. I am currently an Apps Engr ., but am now determined to keep working towards a task in a refinery, substance, or polymer flora as an operator.

The first time I affixed / u/ GhOstwOlf and / u/ jrb2 524 provided insight, and I am hoping there is an opportunity again make some time to chime in. Any feedback is welcome and regarded. I propelled in an Interests part at the exceedingly tush of my resume … Not sure if this is shabby and I should remove. I too added a Field Engr. caste as this was an actual Engineering position, but it was only a couple of months as the cons outweighed the pros for this responsibility in my noses.

https :// cxa9p 9krndk21. jpg

https :// u76zqegsndk21. jpg

https :// qqAuSUW

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