Soul Expanding 3 Card Spread – Aquarius Moon Vibes

January 11, 2019 Off By HomenGardenRS

Soul Expanding 3 Card Spread - Aquarius Moon Vibes

Mama Moon recruits the Fixed, Air sign of Aquarius on Jan. 6 at 10:46 pm Pacific time until Jan. 9.

This is a SEED Moon-Time coming right after the New Moon as she rises and defines with Papa Sun and it’s a excellent time to weed your grains and objectives for the moonth ahead. Moon is at Apogee though, entailing she’s as far away from the Earth as she gets, so the transports and vibe will be more slight and muted.

Take the induce now, beginning with your dwelling life, by tapping into your Higher Ability and requesting a life-changing question. With Venus entering spirit expanding Sagittarius on Jan. 7 you’ll have some facilitate. Be prepared to take a stand, but avoid the theatre, if you can.

Work with the 3 placard Elfin Ally Oracle spread below by picking a card and “ve been looking for” the card REVEAL within the next day or so. Make sure you’re wished to accede to Daily Moon Vibes to get the card expose emailed to you!

Sparkly Blessing!

Kathy Crabbe, craftsman+ astrologer

3 Card Elfin Ally Oracle Spread by Kathy Crabbe

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