Crape Myrtle question…

Crape Myrtle question…

January 8, 2019 Off By HomenGardenRS

I am looking into seeding 2-3 Crape Myrtle along our back fence position. I am back to back with a business, so I will too be using this to help cover up the consider.( I know in the winter the tree loses all its leaves) My question is when is the best time to seed them? I have read a few different rebuts. I live in Texas zone 8b. A majority seem to think prior to the opening of the tree needles budding. Likewise, should I go ahead and buy them sooner rather than later, leave them in their potty( our local nursery keeps them in those throwaway plastic flowerpots) until they are willing to plant? Thanks for for any info on this.

P.S. the same reasons we are going with Crape Myrtle is because my bride likes the inspect when they are in bloom. I am open to other recommendations of growing trees if anyone has any. Thanks

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