Eye Candy: Low Yardage

Eye Candy: Low Yardage

November 27, 2018 Off By HomenGardenRS

small knitted gnome with cables and a pom-pom hat

1957karenh’ s Sir Gnome( Gnomajesty)~ Test ~

A few weeks ago, I shared some high-yardage campaigns here on the blog. This week, I’m sharing programmes with low-pitched yardage: from 1-150 yards/ 1- 137 rhythms( the lowest available alternative on the yardage filter in our advanced research ). Nothing of us will be surprised to see that Ravelers become some really great things even with a quantity of wool!

blue twisted stitch mittens, a green woven purse, and a taupe crocheted small bag

TimMc’s My First Mittens, hellskitsch’s Republic of Wool and Wax Tote, and naganasu’s Escargot Chocolat– the compositions in these sumptuous activities are so lovely!

knitted baked potatoes with needle-felted toppings, a felted llama toy, and a crocheted amigurumi cupcake figure

bon0bon’ s Baked Potatoes, Suseeque’s Felted Llama, and TheBon’s cupcakin’ it all have such whimsical items!

crocheted leaves in autumnal colors, a knit spider art hanging, and a knitted oblong plant hanger with plants

I’m a sucker for handmade decor and dwelling pieces, and loved takychik’s Happy Fall Y’all, seymore’s noch’ ne Spinne, and laurelmarie’s Hanging basket.

If you need inspiration for using up smaller amounts of yarn, check out what other Ravelers have done! You can even customize the yardage/ meterage extents with the filters on the left to see projections with precisely the amount of fibre you miss. How low-spirited can you go?

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