OK to cover root “scraps” with weed barrier fabric?

November 7, 2018 Off By HomenGardenRS

https :// imgur.com/ a/ PZk8OhG

I dug up some built weeds to make way for a gravel patio domain. I made out the thicker 2″ seed “trunks” and turned up the central seed organizations( or what seemed to be ), but there remains a lot of thinner roots “scraps” – both connected into the grime or precisely lying around now. You can see the flora type and cleared out clay in the linked pics.

My questions is: am I OK to now is continuing with laying over a layer and dropping the gravel, or do I really need to clear out anything that looks a lot like it could grow with liquid( albeit no sunlight once clothed )? I don’t want these suckers rising from the dead..

Thanks in advance.

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