Fall Vegetable Garden North Texas Update – Everwilde Farms Review

Fall Vegetable Garden North Texas Update – Everwilde Farms Review

September 8, 2018 Off By admin

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happy Friday everyone hillbilly Jillhere with North Texas vegetablegardening canning recipes a little bitof everything just a quick update on thegarden since we got some rain and sinceI planted those ever wild seeds lastweekend it's been about six days since Iplanted and I wanted to show yousomething look at my peppers these arestarting to produce which we are soexcited because you may recall from avideo last week that they didn't produceat allthroughout the summer so now that we'regetting into some cooler temperaturesand we're getting some rain these babiesare starting to pop I'm very excitedwe've got some other ones over therethat I'll show you in just a minutelet's go look at my seed looky here guysman oh man now I'm gonna tell you that Iplanted him on Saturday came out andwatered on Saturday evening and Sundayand then Monday we started getting somedrizzle which was just perfect becauseit wasn't too hard of a rain to justbeat the ground and beat the seeds downand look these are my turnips thesestarted showing they're lovely sales onTuesday already so they were quickterminators and over there you see mybeetsthose are starting to come out so so farI'm very impressed with every wild seedsand I wanted to go ahead and do thisvideo real quick so that you guys couldgo ahead and get some quartered and Iget them in the ground you still havetime to get some of your fall gardeningin I'd say you got another week or twobut when I ordered these I got thempretty quick but look they are justcoming up black crazy here's a close-upview have the peppers coming in looklook guys I mean my goodness that's whata little bit of rain a little bit coolertemperatures will do for your garden somuch more than a one of those everthought about these are the peppers inmy raised bed these also struggled allsummer long but they're starting producethese are my Anaheim peppers I'm hopingthat they'll get a little bit biggerbefore I have to pick them but I'm gladto get someso in closing on this wonderful Fridayeverything is starting to show some newlife including the new seeds that havealready germinated and the pepper plantscoming back we are under a flash floodwatch for the next 15 hours it'll beinteresting to see what happens at someof that hurricane is coming up from theGulfI think it's hurricane Gus or somethingI don't know what the name of it isanyway but it's coming up here so thisweekend I may try to get some morethings in the in the garden like myspinach and my Brussels sprouts and mybroccoli and hopefully I can do that inthe morning it just depends on how muchrain we get because this dirt turns tomush and to muck and I can't get into itso if I'm able to do it first thing inthe morning I might be ok I'll let youguys know also this weekend when you'restarting our kitchen remodel we're goingto do a video on that so you can see itas it goes and as we make her getaccomplished or get it accomplished youguys to be able to see our progress andso look get out there and garden getyour fall garden in the ground there'sstill plenty of time anyway I hope youguys have a wonderful weekend take caregod bless and we'll see you next time

Fall Vegetable Garden North Texas Update – Everwilde Farms Review. Planting fall vegetables zone 8 progress update with Everwilde Farms review. In this episode I review my recent Everwilde Farms seed purchase and show you my results so far.

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